2015 Free Demo Day for the Public

Demo day was a great opportunity to try out what Pura Vida has to offer. Four of our practitioners taught classes and in addition there were free 20-minute sessions for people to try out cranio-sacral therapy, kinesiology, energy medicine, acupuncture and our infrared sauna.  Pura Vida was happy to have the chance to reach some new people and also for the chance to serve the community with some education and free sessions.

Jordan’s talk was an intro to neurofeedback which she was recently trained to bring into her practice. This is a non-invasive easy “training mechanism” for our brain that helps our nervous system rebalance and stay that way. It can treat a multiude of symptoms and conditions that impact our quality of life, from more serious trauma and inability to sleep to more relatively “harmless” qualities such as ability to organize tasks, anxiety about public speaking, or ability to focus. Through simple activities like playing a video game or watching a movie, a computer program is used to give  positive feedback when our brain is emitting the wavelengths we want that make us clear headed, calm, and focused, (optimal brain function) and give inhibit wavelengths that make us anxious, unfocused, or low energy, therefore training our brain to operate on the wavelengths that serve us to be the highly functioning people we want to and can be. Jordan and Pura Vida are excited to be offering this new technique!

Dr.  Nicola gave a talk on the mind-body connection and the practice of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a basic skill that we can all develop that not only helps us manage our health but also manage our life day to day. Our body speaks to us all day every day. Do we hear it?  Do we give it what it needs on a physical and emotional level?  If we allow ourselves to recognize and meet our needs we carry less stress, and a relaxed nervous system can keep our body healthy–resist disease–and can heal and repair itself from injury and disease. Our emotions and our stories play an intricate role in our health. Our ability to process emotions and events in our lives rather than store them in our physical and energetic bodies is often what determines our physical health. Dr.  Nicola talked about this relationship and then led a short guided meditation to help us unwind.
Mary Anne Olszewski gave a talk and demonstration of the Eden Energy Medicine Technique. This is a technique created by Donna Eden to move, recharge, and protect our energy. Do you ever feel drained, scattered, unfocused, sensitve, easily hurt or affected by people and events around you? This is a great tool for clearing energy that isn’t yours, for strengthening and protecting your energy, and charging yourself up. Do you have low immunity and fatigue throughout the day?  This could help.

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