Lab Testing Available

As always, we continue to offer heavy metal testing, intra-cellular nutrient testing, complete GI stool analysis (looking for yeast, parasites, inflammatory markers, digestion efficacy, and balance of healthy and non-healthy gut flora) and Lipoprotein particle testing (a great analysis of cardiac disease risk). We also work closely with our local lab, Cedar Diagnostics, to run traditional bloodwork such as cholesterol, red and white blood cells, liver and kidney function, vitamins B12, D, and folic acid, and thyroid panels.


New Effective Lab Testing

Labrix sets new standards in laboratory medicine. Labrix testing is higher sensitivity and has stronger results reproducibility than has been available through other methodologies; this gives you far greater confidence in the reported results. In addition to reliability and accuracy, Labrix leads the pack in terms of guaranteed turnaround times, easy to use kits, and better price points. Dr. Nicola is excited to be working with a lab that she can count on!

The primary tests she is utilizing include: Hormone testing, neurotransmitter testing, Adrenal health (cortisol) testing, and even Melatonin levels. Adding in these tests is helping Dr. Nicola be more specific in her treatment planning and monitor bio-identical hormone replacement effectively. This information helps get to the root cause of imbalance even faster! for more information, check out


New Treatment Options for Menopause, Peri and Post

With new insight, information, and a strong skill set, Dr. Nicola is ahppy to announce better treatment options for women dealing with issues related to peri-menopause, menopuase, or post-menopuase.

Women are living about half of their lives after menopuase in modern society, and we can suffer from the long-term effects of low estrogen in a way we didn’t need to worry about in previous generations. Plus, the constant stressors many of us face make moving through menopause much more challenging.

From mind-body counseling to herbs to bio-identical hormone replacement, Dr. Nicola has research-based options to help you feel vital and optimal at any age or stage of life. We will test your homrone levels to establish a baseline and to ensure our treatment  plan is effective!