Access Bars & Timeline Therapy

Access Bars

This powerful technique involves laying on a massage table while the practitioner gently touches 32 points on your head. Touching these points releases the excess electromagnetic energy that carries all your limiting judgments, conclusions, and points of view that you have about your life. Not only does this modality ease you into a meditative state, it deletes “old files” that are clouding the mind, and re-centers you into a calm, deep sense of self.

An Access Bars Session consist of deep relaxation, releasing the old programing, removing the tension energies of the mind, reconnecting with the body, balance among all components of the body, calm sense of wellbeing, realignment, a calming of the nervous system, meditative state, and reconnecting with the empowered self.

This modality is practiced in over 50 countries around the world.

Time Line Therapy

Limiting decisions and beliefs prevent you from achieving your potential. These decisions and beliefs have come about as a result of past experiences, but may have stayed with you until today and have limited your life in many ways. Time Line Therapy is a way of healing past circumstances so that you can be freed up to live life by choice instead of just running on old programming. This is the most transformative therapy that Aria has ever come across. A free 15 minute consultation is available.

Who offers these modalities at Pura Vida? Aria Tru