Aria Tru

unnamed (1)Aria Tru has spent the last 17 years living her passion of holistic healing with the Mind/Body connection. She believes a clear and relaxed mind creates a relaxed body, and a relaxed body supports the wellbeing of the mind.

Aria has extensive knowledge of the body due to her years of working with professional athletes. She was employed by IMG to work with the NFL, NBA, Professional Tennis, and the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team. Her massage style is an integration of Swedish/Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, and Energy Work. This combination is effective in melting tense muscles, relaxing the nervous system, and re-centering a sense of wellbeing on a core level. Clients often float out of her sessions feeling renewed and refreshed in their bodies and minds.

Aria also has extensive knowledge of releasing the old programming that keeps us circulating on old habits and unhealthy emotional responses. She guides her clients in understanding how trauma and limiting beliefs gets lodged in our nervous system and most importantly, how to change it. Aria has studied many modalities over her career, looking for the most powerful and effective ways to create deep lasting change. She combines the best of what she has found, which includes: NLP, Timeline Therapy, Access Bars, Axiatonal Therapy, and Clear Intention Work. This assists her clients in finding personal empowerment, freedom from past traumas, and a healthy balance in their mind and emotions.

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