20170819_185716Ashley Dehkes, 200RYT

“Sometimes the best thing we can do, as teachers or friends, is not to change people, but simply remind them of their beauty. Not to strengthen, or heal, or increase mobility, but to inspire the awe, the self-love and the reverence for existence that is available to us all. Not to carve or sculpt or chisel, but to hold the candle at the right angle and distance to illuminate what’s magnificent.” – Banyan Gallagher 

Ashley Dehkes is passionate about health, yoga, and guiding people to find out what lights their fire. As a Yoga Teacher and Health Coach, Ashley guides individuals to open up  to themselves in order to reach their full potential.  With compassion and empathy, she focuses on self-love, and connecting you  back to your body. After going through her own health battles, Ashley found yoga as a way to aid her in her everyday life. She quickly became inspired after seeing the benefits, to teach yoga herself. She completed her 200RYT teacher training at Acamaya in Costa Rica under Banyan Gallagher. It was there that she learned the importance of self love and made that her focus.  Ashley began taking Health Coaching courses through IIN and completed her training in March 2017. In her free time, Ashley enjoys frolicking in the mountains, arts and crafts, mountain biking, traveling, bluegrass music, and sharing laughs with her fiancé.

For more information contact ashley@puravidahealthcare.com

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