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10 Days of Nourishment

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A dear friend of mine, Rachel Kapustka, recently received a gift of love and life in the form of a donated kidney.  This has gotten me to think deeply about how we take care of our bodies.  It seems to be especially easy to neglect our hard-working organs, the unsung heroes of our daily function and well-being.  Maybe we “cleanse” the liver from time to time, or pay attention to our lungs when they’re irritated, but for the most part we just assume our organs are happy to fulfill our daily tasks without so much as a thank you.  So, I created this cleanse to take a few days (10 to be precise!) to nourish, cleanse and love on our bodies, with a special focus on our organs.

Through this process, I have also had the opportunity to more profoundly understand just how much trouble our health care system is truly in.  Rachel has “good” insurance and once diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, Medicare was able to jump in to support her health care costs.  But only for 3 years.

Rachel, and all organ recipients, are required to be on very expensive anti-rejection medications for the rest of their lives. This health expense is not only NOT completely covered by both of her insurances, but will likely not be covered at all after 3 years.  100% of the proceeds from this cleanse will go directly to Rachel and her amazing family via their GoFundMe site.  My hope is to raise awareness not only for ourselves and encourage more pro-active body-loving (!), but to also raise awareness about how much so many individuals are impacted by our less-than-perfect healthcare system.

What to Expect: 

The cleanse will last 10 days total, including 3 days on each end to “prep” the body to heal on a deep level.  We will not be juice or water fasting, so you don’t have to worry about being hungry.  We will make diet and lifestyle modifications that can be individualized to make it a great fit for you.

There will be daily webinars that you can listen to live at a specified time or recorded at your convenience.  We will have guest lecturers so we get a wide variety of perspectives about self-care, prevention and more!

We will also create a FaceBook group where we can share recipes, successes, hurdles and cheer each other on.  This will be on-line only, so you can participate from any location and time zone in the world!

What is Included: 

  • Live daily webinar that will also be recorded so you can listen anytime

  • If you can’t make the live webinar, you’ll have access to a recording so you can listen at anytime.

  • Specific instructions so you know exactly what to do each day

  • Daily practices you can use during the cleanse and anytime

  • Detailed list of foods to include, foods to avoid

  • This experience is meant to be nourishing – not stressful!  So these foods are suggestions, not requirements

  • Recipes to keep you satiated and inspired

  • FaceBook Group with access to me to answer questions or concerns and come back to for reference.

  • Tools to change your life and create even more good stuff in your world!

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Biofeedback Poll

Jordan Wildman is highly considering bringing Biofeedback into her practice as a supplement to her therapy and neurofeedback practice. Please complete the poll below to show her your level of interest in utilizing this treatment modality at Pura Vida!

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Free Shipping for Online Supplement Orders

Here’s some exciting news!

NPScript provides our clients a quick, convenient means for ordering trusted, quality supplements online. Not only can they deliver right to your front door, but also, they can automatically resend the supplements you use most. That way you never run out!

Not enough icing on the holiday cake?

Now through the end of 2016, NPScript is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders of any amount!

Beginning in 2017, orders of $50 or more will continue to receive FREE Economy Shipping (3-6 days). Orders of $250 or more will continue to receive FREE shipping on rush orders (3-day air).

To place your order, visit New account code word: durangowellness.

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DeVere’s New Rates Oct 2016

After years of keeping her rates the same, DeVere Gamble, LMT, will be raising her rates as of October 1, 2016. DeVere realizes that time and financial resources are precious for everyone. She has given this decision much careful consideration and research.

Her new rates will be:

30 minutes — $45
60 minutes — $80
90 minutes — $110
120 minutes — $140

As always, she offers package plans if you would like to buy multiple sessions or gift certificates.  Please talk with her if you are interested. Thank you for your understanding and support.