Counseling and coaching provide a safe, supportive space for understanding, reflection and insight. While they differ in treatment this work is known for asking the hard questions and getting to the core of the issues at hand. In this work an objective viewpoint can be obtained for assessing what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve the big picture.

Personal Counseling and Coaching

Coaching is designed to bring out your best and inspire you to live your highest life. Whether you desire to manifest something new, such as a career or relationship, or you want to take what’s currently in your life to the next level, coaching or counseling is for you. This work promotes insight and is know to propel clients to create lasting positive change.

Dr. Melaney works with individual coaching clients by assisting them to identify areas of stress, dissatisfaction or lack of productivity in the areas they choose to focus on. Once the issues are clearly defined, she takes her clients deeper to get to the root causes of their dissatisfaction. Working together, you will formulate concrete plans to shift your life and create profound fulfillment.

Relationship Counseling and Coaching

Strong relationship with self is fundamental to the success of all other relationships. REALationship coaching and counseling is a wholistic approach using research based modalities to assist the individuals in returning to their true nature creating harmony and balance and joyfully connecting more deeply with inner and outer world.  Working in this way provides the foundation for the ultimate intimacy and passion in relationships that work all of the time. She This work includes couples, partners, married, divorcing and dating relationships.

Group Counseling and Coaching

Group coaching and counseling for stress, relationships, grief, and trauma can bring stronger insight and support through the experience of connecting with individuals that are having similar challenges. The group setting can create cohesion and long lasting results.

Who offers these modalities at Pura Vida? Dr. Melaney

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