Dr. Melaney Sreenan is here to meet you where you are and skillfully assist you in making the most of your life in this present moment and moving forward. She has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Social Work, license in Marriage and Family Therapy and has worked in private clinical practice since 1980.

Her expertise is in the neuroscience of wholeness. As an experienced, qualified and passionate counselor, coach and consultant, she leads her clients to new levels of wellness. Dr. Melaney uses her well documented research on healing; combined with her sensitive, mindful and solid commitment, for creating powerful pathways to return those she works with to their true nature.

She is a certified consultant for Dr. Joe Dispenza, shared the stage leading a program with Gregg Braden on REALationship Intelligence, is certified in Trauma Release Exercises, a way of healing loss and trauma.

She did your dissertation on Suicide Prevention. Additionally, Dr. Sreenan was inspired by her work with the late Elizabeth Kubler Ross to create a nonprofit Center for Grieving and Dying and their families which was later adopted by Hospice.

She is the Executive Director of Colorado Life Work Foundation, recently awarded the lifetime achievement award for mental health counseling, coaching, group trainings and workshops.

Dr. Melaney provides comprehensive counseling, coaching, consulting and group seminars for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  •  Support Groups
  • Business & Organizations

Dr. Melaney conducts workshops, retreats and seminars nationally, has taught as adjunct professor at colleges and universities, and is a Leadership Alumna. She transforms listeners by assisting them to commit to new and dynamic belief paradigms and helps individuals adopt new operating systems for living healthy and whole lives.

Dr. Melaney is active in the Durango community giving monthly talks on relevant topics, as well as active in professional groups.

She is featured on radio talk shows, television, newspapers and magazines for her cutting edge work. Areas of expertise include emotional wellness, communication, stress reduction, grief recovery, relationship intelligence, emotional intelligence, suicide prevention, addiction rehabilitation, neuroscience training, and group mediation for individuals and organizations.

For more information contact drmelaney@puravidahealthcare.com


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