Jennifer Roe, Energy Healer Adviser & Health and Wellness Coach

Jennifer Roe has been trained in a variety of modalities to facilitate helping her clients uncover the highest potential for themselves.  She blends these into what she calls a Transformational Guide.  Jennifer has been trained as a Master Level Red Hat Qigong Practitioner.  She has learned to read the Akashic Records and trained in Soul Realignment.  She graduated as an Integrative Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Jennifer is also a facilitator of Women’s Energetic Intention and Support Circles, programs, and retreats.  Jennifer’s biggest passion is helping to support her clients recognize the power they have within themselves to heal their lives.  From here, she loves to watch her clients transform in a very personal and profound way. She combines her offerings into customized packages so the people she works with can develop their own transformational journey.   Jennifer believes that true healing involves working on all aspects of one’s being – the mind, the body, and the soul.

There is a broad range of reasons why people work with Jennifer. There has been a shift in our society and in our way of thinking, what Jennifer refers to as an “awakening”. True healing in not about taking a pill, it is about healing our WHOLE being inside and out. The physical ailments, the emotional ailments, the anxiety, the stress and the fear are not why we are here. The majority of these ailments are created by how we choose to live our lives, how we take care of ourselves, and where we are energetically. 

Jennifer has lived in Durango for over 24 years. She loves the outdoors, the sunshine, the moonshine, the exploration of life. Music, dance, books, meditation, laughter, and love are all ways she feeds her soul. 

From a very early age we start taking on emotions and traumas – what we or others consider failures, grief, anger, or another’s energy.  If we are not aware of it and don’t do anything to clear it, it can lead to unhappiness, feeling stuck, as well as dis-ease which may manifest itself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. From when we were little, we have been taught to eat a certain way, to take care of ourselves a certain way, that life needs to be a certain way, and maybe, just maybe…none of this is true. 

Are you ready to take a deep dive and rediscover how you can take control of your life back again? Are you ready to start feeling better? Are you ready to step into your power and take responsibility for how you feel? 

Together we can do this.  

“You DESERVE to live the healthiest and most vibrant life possible and you have the power to do it. Book an appointment with me today – I will help you get where you KNOW you can go!” -Jenn