New Treatment Options for Menopause, Peri and Post

 In naturopathic

With new insight, information, and a strong skill set, Dr. Nicola is ahppy to announce better treatment options for women dealing with issues related to peri-menopause, menopuase, or post-menopuase.

Women are living about half of their lives after menopuase in modern society, and we can suffer from the long-term effects of low estrogen in a way we didn’t need to worry about in previous generations. Plus, the constant stressors many of us face make moving through menopause much more challenging.

From mind-body counseling to herbs to bio-identical hormone replacement, Dr. Nicola has research-based options to help you feel vital and optimal at any age or stage of life. We will test your homrone levels to establish a baseline and to ensure our treatment  plan is effective!

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