Wendolyne Omaña

Wendolyne Omaña is a bilingual Body Therapy Artist, Registered Yoga Teacher and is training to be a Yoga Therapist.

Wendolyne graduated from Crestone Healing Arts Center where she received certification to practice massage.  After her studies in Crestone, she studied Yoga Thai Massage derived from Ayurvedic medicine at the School of Massage and Alternative Therapy (EMTA) in Mexico.

Wendolyne grew up learning her grandmother’s wisdom and teachings of curanderismo (Mexican folk healing) which believes in prayers and pranic healing.  Mayan Abdominal Massage is a technique that Wendolyne learned from her grandmother and mother, in Mexico, and was granted with the permission to practice it in a therapeutic setting by Mayan Priest Don Reginaldo Chayax in Guatemala.

More recently, she completed her Reiki level I&II with Marie Redfeather to honor the local traditions.

A lifelong student, Wendolyne uses her Bachelors in Science as a foundation to continue her exploration of alternative medicine.  In blending traditional and modern techniques, she continues to study a variety of healing modalities while honoring her roots from Mexico.  Wendolyne believes that through natural alternatives, one becomes capable of falling authentically in love with oneself, and simultaneously with the entire universe.

For more information contact office@puravidahealthcare.com.

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