Bios are so boring, aren’t they? (yawn!) Here’s a short-soul vitae instead: 

Born: Jan 15th – same day as Martin Luther King Jr and Joan of Arc. Great messenger day, I always say.

College: My life education came from dive bars, old poets, bad apples, good people, and world travel. Formally: I hold a Doctorate of Chiropractic. 

My mission: To create a healthier world through Chiropractic and good old fashion kindness. 

Suburbia: Met and married my husband (not the same day), home-birthed our 3 daughters and then spent a couple decades working,  laughing and recycling. 

Un-Suburbia: In 2015, my husband and I sold my practice, sold our house, gave away most of our belongings, bought 5 back-packs and left 4 months later with our 3 daughters for a 17-country round the world adventure with our kids. It was crazy, epic and hilarious journey to say the least. 

Van-Life: We returned to the USA and a year later, we decided to drive the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Patagonia. However, after 6 months and 19,000 miles of living in a van, our teenage daughters boycotted the whole situation. Which means my husband and I are both adventurous and crazy.  And now? Can survive just about anything. LOL

August 2018: Planted roots in Durango for the mountain life and we are LOVING IT! 

Chiropractic:  I love adjusting and helping people get well and stay well. My mission is to create a health source in the community that is affordable, holistic, and fun! 

Let’s make health, together!

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