The Detox Process and Your Liver, by Nicola St. Mary, ND

Self Care and Self Worth, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
When we talk about taking care of ourselves, most of us say that we don’t have time. I would challenge you to take a deeper look at that response and ask if that is the whole truth

How to Dance Gracefully with Stress, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
Let’s face it: daily stress is inevitable for the vast majority of us. Buzzwords like “balance” and “stress management” float all around us, but do we know what that really means? Or better yet, why it’s important?

Spending Dollars that Support your Values, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
A consortium of organizations get together to host local Homegrown Retreat each year including Turtle Lake Refuge, Cooking Matters, Healthy Lifestyle La Plata, the Garden Project of SW Colorado, CSU Extension office, Fort Lewis Environmental Center, and Healthy Community Food Systems.

One Soda per Day and Diabetes Risk, ND
A recent study coming out of Europe (which corroborates with North American research) demonstrates that drinking one can (12oz) of sugar-sweetened soda a day is enough to increase risk of type II Diabetes by 22%.

Health Benefits of Root Vegetables, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
Walking at the farmer’s market or in the produce section of the grocery store, you will see rows and rows of amazing root vegetables, all in season, delicious and affordable. Because these veggies are incredibly healthful, we wanted to introduce you to ones you may not be familiar with, or help you get acquainted with others in a more intimate way.

Practice Makes Perfect, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
It can be hard to motivate to make changes – they can often feel daunting and overwhelming. Oftentimes, we are best served by making small, daily changes rather than taking on a whole new lifestyle personality.

Lowering Blood Pressure by Adding Flax Seeds into Your Diet, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
A double-blind, placebo controlled study by Dr. Delfin Rodriguez just came out of LA that demonstrated the largest decrease in blood pressure (BP) (10 mm Hg systolic and 7mm Hg diastolic after six months) ever shown by any dietary intervention.

The Joy of Stress
Adapted from presentation given by Nicola St. Mary, ND and Melaney Sreenan, PhD on 12/3/12.

Staying Well Hydrated, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
Hydration is essential not only for optimal physical functioning, but for ideal mental-emotional health as well. Anytime of year this can be challenging, but during the summer it can be even more so. And for those of us living in drier climates, we may not realize how much fluid we are losing.

Homogenization and Pasteurization, by Nicola St. Mary, ND
I have a question about dairy: does the widespread sensitivity so many people experience digesting dairy impact those who drink raw milk from grass fed cows? It seems like sensitivities would come from homogenization and pasteurization processes which create larger (and less natural) molecules. This is something I’ve been curious about and I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on it.

Dancing with Stress, by Nicola St. Mary
Maintaining Healthy Brain Function – The Time to Start is Now!, by Nicola St. Mary
There is more and more research to suggest that maintaining optimal brain and mental function throughout a lifetime is within in control much more than we previously thought.

Gratitude and it’s impact on Your Health, by Nicola St. Mary
A growing body of research-driven evidence reveals physical and psychological improvements when people choose to engage more readily with what has been described as the most neglected emotion – gratitude.