Energy Kinesiology

Everything is energy and energy’s natural state is dynamic. It wants to move, and when it does we are at our best physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Energy Kinesiologists use a biofeedback system called muscle monitoring, or muscle testing, to discover areas of stress/imbalance in the body, mind and energy systems and identify ways to bring you back to a healthy balance.  Corey’s interactive approach achieves balance by using muscle testing in collaboration with dialogue, gentle corrections, both on and off the body which help release energy imbalances and unprocessed emotions in the physical and energetic bodies.  When energy is moving we feel light, clear, grounded and like our true selves, free of pain and illness. When energy is stagnant we feel heavy, depressed, experience pain and anxiety and find ourselves with unwanted illnesses.  Corey’s sessions focus on alleviating energy congestion which leads to feelings of lightness, joy, love and to optimal healing.

The most thrilling component is that kinesiology uses a priority system which identifies the true origin of an issue or illness, or the most optimal place to start the healing process, which amplifies the outcome of a session. Healing happens at the core, no more band aids but instead, a healing from the source so it is gone for good.

What to expect:
First, expect to enjoy yourself. Moving energy blocks feels amazing. Secondly, there are no rules. People are given permission to have their session uniquely tailored to fit their personal needs. Creating a safe space so people feel comfortable asking for exactly what they need is essential.  You are the driver during the shared time together because you are the expert on you.  Corey listens and helps facilitate a healing experience that is fun, relaxed and powerful.

Expect to feel major shifts in a graceful and wonderful way.  People feel lighter, clearer, more confident and self loving which empowers them to live conscious, courageous and fulfilling lives. You can expect to experience some of these interventions and learning. Educating others about energy and how to management it is a large component in her approach to helping people.

What you might experience:

  • Enhanced self awareness
  • Experience of your emotional guidance system
  • Relief from physical pain, acute and chronic
  • Improved posture, attitude and energy
  • Identify and release old or negative patterns of thinking and behavior, (ie, self judgement, self hate, emotional and physical trauma, negative body image)
  • Setting goals and work with affirmations
  • Future performance enhancement for activities and competitions
  • Resolved learning disabilities
  • Supplement and diet consultations

What you will learn:

  • All about energy and its intricate role in our lives
  • Learn valuable skills for energy and mood management
  • Develop body awareness and learn to clear unwanted feelings or sensations in the body
  • Mitigate stress and anxiety
  • Develop self care tools
  • Enhance test taking skills and eliminate test anxiety
  • Develop and trust your emotional guidance system
  • Be more vulnerable and open
  • Learn to reframe and shift limiting perspective thinking, feeling and believing
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