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Repairing our Relationship to Self: A Key to Restoring Your Health with Dr. Nicola Dehlinger

Summary: Celestia and Naturopathic Doctor, Nicola Dehlinger, take a deep dive into the Mind/Body/Spirit connection and why it’s so important to reconnect with our true Selves. Dr. Nicola walks us through some of the main root causes of dis-ease (stress and inflammation!) and offers us some simple tools we can use every single day to optimize our health and well-being.

Key Topics:

-What is Naturopathic Medicine

-What is Mind/Body medicine, and how to we re-connect our mind/body/spirit back together. Taking a look at each patient as a holistic entity, not a sum of its parts. Realizing that symptoms can all be interrelated on some level.

-Stress is the root cause of so many diseases. How do we start to calm our stress so we can heal ourselves.

-The role of cortisol in inflammation and immune function.

-Stress management in relation to our health.

-The importance of lifestyle shifts to minimize the negative effects of stress and inflammation.

-How to tune in and listen to your body: our body will always TELL you what you need.

-What’s your deeper intention? The intention is more important that “all the tools.”

-Your body is not going to get quieter if we ignore its messages.

-Re-connection with Self: why that’s important and how to do it.

-Fear, and how to address it.

-How to love yourself even through the tough times.

-How marketing makes us feel like we’re not enough.

-The tools: How to tune in and actually hear what you actually need on any given day. Get still, take a breath, put your hand on your heart “What are YOU needing today?”

-How to take the pressure off.

-We can’t heal from a place of flight or flight mode.

-Why moving your body is another great and simple way to keep your energy flowing.

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