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Dear Dr. Nicola,

Thank you once again for coming to our staff in-service and reminding us to put on our oxygen masks–literally and figuratively! You have given so much to help us be well for the challenges we face. You are such a gift to our community! Be well and know that you are appreciated.

Yours fondly,


Tara K.


Thank you so much for your assistance in helping me manage my symptoms and for the use of your book, “The Adrenal Reset Diet.” It’s easy, and best of all, it’s the way I like to eat. The strategic cycle of carbs and protein  seem to work well for me. I have purchased the book for not only myself but for one of my daughters s well. I’ve learned so much from you in the last 6 months and am looking forward to learning even more. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you from C.