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Welcome to Pura Vida Healthcare

At Pura Vida Healthcare, we offer a holistic approach to your healthcare needs. We provide naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine counseling, therapy, divine sleep yoga nidra and vitamin injections. Clients have the opportunity to blend all of these treatment modalities in order to achieve their highest level of vitality and wellness.

To schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Nicola please call the office (970) 426-1684


Dr. Nicola is a naturopath whose focus is working with clients on mental health issues – from insomnia to anxiety to eating issues. She also enjoys working with people who are interested in enhancing their life through
optimizing their health. Dr. Nicola works with people all over the world. She welcomes all patients, regardless of age or ailment, who are willing to invest in themselves.

Naturopathic Medicine

Rikki is a licensed acupuncturist who is trained to help patients with a variety of conditions. Her holistic clinical approach aims to treat the whole person; mind, body and spirit. With a caring personality and attentive nature
Rikki hopes to create a stress-free, safe, restorative and relaxing treatment.


Shelley is a licensed clinical social worker in CO and NM. As a therapist, Shelley believes we have everything we need to heal inside of us. She knows each of us have the inherent strength and ability to thrive and will do so if
given the right venue and treatment. She seeks to support individuals who have become overwhelmed in life and want to learn how to get unstuck, heal past pain, and embody their purpose so they can live an authentic, thriving



"I appreciate Dr. Nicola's dedication to helping patients transform their health and lives through Naturopathy. She is a skilled Naturopath and I highly recommend seeing her."

~ Z Chiropractic

"I have been getting vitamin shots and acupuncture from Rikki for the past few months. As a result, my brain fog has lifted and my overall energy has improved greatly. My PMS and cramps have improved as a result of acupuncture. Rikki has helped me tremendously and I am so thankful!"


"I wanted to express my deepest gratefulness of how Dr. Nicola has helped me and my body. My blood pressure has been really great along with my overall health and well being and I have her to thank for this."


"Thank you Dr. Nicola for a very informative and well-presented discussion last night. It exceeded my expectations both in relevance and content. I appreciate that you made the effort to speak to my audience. I value your time and commitment to helping folks be healthier."


"You are a real life saver!! No one else knew how to do it or cared. Thank you so much! I will keep you posted. Deep gratitude. "


"You have helped me to see that the rational mind cannot think or reason its way to a healing. The mind can't do its job without understanding the underlying feeling with clarity so maybe this is finally the understanding that I needed. The session we had helped me to see the truth in that statement. It helped me to understand the error in the underlying feeling and then after thinking about it for a day or two all those destructive thoughts just vanished cold turkey and I haven't had any of that thinking since. Kind of amazing, really. Thank you, Dr. Nicola."


"Dr. Nicola is a wealth of information in all aspects of health."


"Right away, Shelley taught me to listen to myself and my body. What did I need? I have begun to trust myself again. This has allowed me to pursue healthy means of healing with confidence; both alone and when others are involved.”

~HTY 8 week participant

"I learned so much from Shelley Nielsen. Biggest thing being that I can trust that being in my body is of service to my healing rather than a limitation or disturbance of it”

~HTY 8 week participant

"This was a wonderful experience and I am filled to the brim with gratitude. Thank you Shelley”

~HTY 8 week participant

"I learned a lot from Shelley, about vulnerability and how I judge myself in it. I learned to step through it and be courageous with sharing my truths no matter what.”

~ Vulnerability & Shame participant

"I called Shelley when I was vacationing in Memphis in June, 2019. I left a voicemail and she returned my call almost immediately. I was having trauma over the “job-of-my-lifetime” and Shelley was my lifesaver. Though I ultimately left the job, I have begun to improve my life dramatically since I have known Shelley. She has helped me to see that the trauma stems likely from a very woeful childhood which included years’ long sexual abuse and I am ready now to face this. Shelley is very kind, caring and loving. She has a gentle way of leading me to the “places” I need to go. She has given me hope.”

~ Judy

"Thank you Dr. Nicola for a very informative and well-presented discussion last night. It exceeded my expectations both in relevance and content. I appreciate that you made the effort to speak to my audience. I value your time and commitment to helping folks be healthier."


"I've been a patient of Dr. Nicola Dehlinger for 20 years. She has been with me through thick and thin and helped me through my most serious medical issues. I'd say she has saved my life three times. An angel by my side."

~ Michael

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