Hello, I am Dr. Nicola

I love what I do for a living. My deepest desire is to help you connect more deeply

shadow of a doubt, is that the only medicine you really need more of is YOU!

to who you are. After 2 decades in practice, what I have come to know beyond a

This is why I created a space to share the essence of Pura Vida.

Through my own journey of healing and reflection,

I have experienced what it means to be kind to myself

desire that will ignite your life.

I can assist you in creating the changes you

Are you ready to expand into all that is waiting

for you?

I learned to listen deeply to the wisdom of the body

To slow down.

and learn how to take good care of me.

I learned to heal old wounds and emotional hurts. To show up for myself no matter what.

you slow down and listen.

alignment whenever I get knocked out - because I definitely still do! As your guide, I help

To be in acceptance of whatever comes my way. And tools to help me get into

Through this process of repair, you will see that you are your wisest advisor.

By connecting you back to yourself, you will discover that you actually know

EXACTLY what’s required to heal. We will face the perceived obstacles and

explore the unknown together.

What I provide is a non-judgmental and safe space for

you to explore your own story.

we show up in the world each day. And without spending time looking at

current reality - including pain, illness, and mental discord.

our history, we can’t possibly discover all the dynamics that are playing into

This is crucial because where we’ve come from very much influences how

By connecting you back to yourself, I am able to

minimize supplements and medications as you

become empowered to heal yourself.

Today, my practice combines 25 years of study, exploration and experience. I

than “fix” it or suppress what is happening.

still use a variety of medicines, but the intention is to support the body rather

I do not have any protocols as each person I see is an individual who

requires a unique approach - we will co-create the treatment plan together.